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The King of Comedy

This past weekend, I reviewed the Coming To America 2 on Amazon's Prime Video. As I recall, the sequel is directed by Craig Brewer. It had been made during the summer and fall of 2019. Given that Janet and Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many, were my favorite singers, then Eddie Murphy was and still is my favorite comedian. As a little girl, I thought I could send Eddie a letter to an imagined address that led to him. Why? Because the post office happened to be magical. SIKE! And naturally, the letter had been returned within a week.

Somehow, I would was permitted to watch Delirious and Raw, and I saw Coming to America at the movies in 1988, which was directed by John Landis. Yes, 1988, and I also saw Boomerang in 1992 at the movies. I had zero expectations, but I was curious to see what was going on with this sequel. Who knew that the sequel would manifest even it took a thousand years? As it began, for less than half of a second, I thought we were headed to Wakanda, but Zamunda was first.

Right? And this was not The Lion King. Though it was better than I thought, it was definitely extra in so many ways. However, I appreciated how many actors from the first movie had returned, including many comedians, who were respected by Eddie Murphy. We have always enjoyed the characters like Arsenio Hall as the pastor and the woman at the night club. Including Eddie portraying the dramatic character from Sexual Chocolate, and all of the barbershop. But the witch doctor, which I think is Eddie was only in the sequel. But who knew that the prince, who is now a king discovers a little too late that he had a son from a one-night stand before he met and married his wife Lisa McDowell, from Queens, New York.

By this time, they have three lovely, beautiful, respectable and intelligent daughters. Yet it was interesting to see that the culture in Zamunda still believed that only kings could have sons to become heirs. Seeing their father and McDowells in Zamunda, which was not certain what they were serving, and it was very difficult to chew, and it was nasty. Unless it was wore than octopus. What I liked the most was how the film would conclude with who the curious "bastard" son would chose to marry from Zamunda. I would likely see the sequel a few more times to see what I have likely missed. And for now, I have decided that I enjoyed Dolemite Is My Name a bit more than the sequel, Coming to America 2.

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