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It's more than Malcolm X...

If I were to mention and or state how many times I have seen Denzel Washington in a movie theater as a child or a teenager until almost now, I would nearly lose count. However, the last time, a friend and I were very curious to see Fences, and I saw it twice. Though I have learned of writer, August Wilson, I yet to read his storytelling. This will likely occur. Aside of acting, he has been a executive producer for awhile. During the late 1990's when the film debuted in 2002, Denzel Washington, Derek Luke and Viola Davis were tremendous if not amazing in Antwone Fisher.

History continues, Washington won his first Oscar, a support of an Academy Award of Glory in 1989. My most favorite is Spike Lee's direction of X (Malcolm X) of Warner's Brothers, which I continued to review at the theater three times when I was eleven with my father. Perhaps some of us assumed that Spike and Denzel would win an Academy Award for X. Anything was possible. But maybe "they" were still mad at Malcolm for some reason? Who is they? Who the hell cares? X and many of Washington's work will always be a masterpiece even, The Hurricane. But Washington won Best Actor in 2002 through Training Day. "King Kong ain't got nothing on me..."

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