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From 2022, congrats, Autumn Simmon and The Quirk Chronicles!!!

So much better than Oprah, Janet and Nicki! Who would have known in 2022 that The Quirk Chronicles (2019), would achieve five independent awards for my sitcom web series? Unless you've often listened to my comedy podcast, Quirk of the Day, you would have heard these possibilities on FilmFreeway. Check out to hear and see more! Congratulations, Autumn Simmons is a winner!!! These are the amazing independent awards: The Best Short Women Film - Filmshort Creative Award, Nashville, Tennessee 2022, Best Web Series/TV Pilot - Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, United Kingdom/2022, Best Comedy - Tokyo Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan 2022, Best Web Series - Snow Leopard International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain 2022 - Best Actress (TV Show Series) - Indie Filmmaker Awards, Pasadena, California 2022.

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