• Autumn Simmons

We'll always love and care for King Chadwich Boseman!!!

The world through 2020 has been changing many ways. Life changes some of us in many ways. There's more that I think about. We're missing good people in our family and friends, and it hearts. We wish to remember those we love. On Friday, after 12:00 PM, I'm watching my Twitter to add more info and I see, RIP Chadwich Boseman, at 2 AM. I thought it was a lie, but it became the truth that Chadwich had passes away. I did not know that Chad had been sick. On Friday, August 28, I felt surprised and emotional. Chad had left us so soon. I remember in 2014, and the movie, Get on Up, about James Brown. I saw an actor as he became The Godfather. In November or December of 2017, we learned that Black Panther would become a great movie. We were curious on pictures of many actors, and began to below in greatness. During February of 2018, we believed in powerful creativity from African-American movies. Later that week, I would also enjoy the movie 42 starring, Chadwich Boseman as Jackie Robinson. Chad has become a great man and actor, a king and a superstar with strength, hope, compassion and heart. We'll never forget the love and passion we have for you and your harmony for humanity.

Created by Autumn Simmons