• Autumn Simmons

I Dreamt Of Michael

That’s right, MJ, the King of Pop, literally walked into my dream before dawn the other day. Though this is not the first time that I have dreamt of Michael Jackson, this particular dream was the most significant because in this dream, Mike actually talked to me. I can recall exactly what he said to me.

The funny thing about dreams is that they are subjective and very personal, and only the dreamer can truly interpret what the dream signifies. Many of us have different belief systems, but some of us may agree that dreams can serve many purposes.

Sometimes dreams can yield to eerie nightmares and other times, they can be foreshadowing, offering premonitions, but this recent MJ dream was beautiful. By now, it’s no secret that MJ was my ultimate childhood hero, next to Janet.

I am proud to state that I never outgrew the influence and impact Michael's artistry had on me, in spite of controversy and his untimely passing. Strangely, I sensed he would be leaving us less than two years before he made transformation, but the news of him leaving hurt like hell.

Nonetheless, my unconditional love for Michael’s music and his humanity has never faltered. He was the Jackson that got away because I never saw him perform in person, but due to technology, many of us were fortunate enough to experience his tremendous talent, even if we never glimpsed upon him in person. I am forever grateful that the memory of Michael Jackson was an integral part of my formidable years.

Yet as I recall, I actually had one solid chance during the Bad Tour to catch a show, but I acted new because I was all about his baby sister, Janet, who was tearing up the charts with her Control and Rhythm Nation albums. Then, Dangerous hit Earth’s atmosphere like a meteorite and somehow, I went cuckoo for MJ.

My love for MJ could have been likened to an addiction, minus the stalking and extra ish overzealous fans tend to do. This August 29th would have been Michael’s 59th birthday, and it’s crazy to believe that it’s been nearly eight years since he left. I reflect on his legacy often, yet it is always fascinating to observe how much he continues to influence many younger artists, who are currently on the music scene today or are either on their way. This is a testament to Michael Jackson’s excellence and his genius.

Michael and his beloved family sacrificed a great deal to become legends, leaving an indelible impression upon popular music, which continues to inspire us today. For their service, I will always honor and respect the Jackson family.

So, what did Michael say? I could tell you, but I won't. I will share this though, Michael is a prankster and he’s still a big kid at heart. He’s no longer in pain or suffering. You could throw as much shade as possible, and guess what, it will never affect him because he’s in a space that is so peaceful and loving, haters cannot touch him, he is ever invincible.

Forever Michael,


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