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Well, almost!!!

I am so psyched that spring is finally here, and there is much to be excited about. For one, The Quirk Chronicles, will be debuting at the second annual Philadelphia Independent Film Awards on Thursday, May 4th, at the International House at 6:20pm. Followed by the main event on Sunday, May 7th, also at the International House from 6pm-10pm. Tickets can be purchased at the provided links below.

Like my gown? Sike, I'm not wearing that. Too Cinderella-esque, but note the beautiful purple tones. We miss you, Prince! I added a quirky touch just outside the dressing room just for you.

My quirk appeal is "genuine" in public, but "Ginuwine" in private. I just realized Elgin's stage name has gin and wine in it. I'm sure he knew.

All are invited to attend what promises to be a very bourgeoisie affair (lol), and I will do my best to capture as many memories of the event as possible with countless pics and a few videos, so follow and stay tuned to The Quirk Chronicles on Twitter and Instagram. Last but not least, production for episode eleven, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tinder,” commences on Monday, May 8th.



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