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Tis The Season

Tis the season…

To be quirky, each and every single day, and quite frankly, forever. I hope you’ve been enjoying the latest quirk episodes, including the recent episode seven, Primed For Perfection. It’s been a lot of fun writing and producing them. I am excited and thankful for the expansion of my sitcom web series, and I have meant some very interesting talented artists along the way, who have wonderfully contributed to the series.

Stay tuned because there is more in store before the New Year. Throughout December, you can look forward to three new episodes that promise to entertain and to provoke your senses. Now getting to the heart of the matter, Des has finally landed a new literary agent, via the incomparable Geneva Darling, and she met someone new, a potential beau, Alex Garcia. Keep watching to find out how things shake out with a stroke of good fortune for Desiree.

So, what does quirky mean to you? For me, embracing my quirkiness has always been about expressing my imagination, facets of characteristics that make me unique, including my vulnerabilities and insecurities. I am not interested in what others think about me, but I am more concerned with growing to become a greater artist and most of all, a terrific writer. Not because you think or say that I am, but rather being exactly who I am. Yes, I am that awesome BITCH! (Beautiful, Ingenious, Technically Savvy, Creative and Hot)

Happy Holidays,

Autumn Simmons

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