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Formation World Tour (Review)

It is a fact based in truth that Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is the greatest pop artist breathing on earth. Whether one vibes with her artistry or not, her tremendous talent as an entertainer cannot be refuted.

Super Bowl half-time treated Beyhivers and pop music aficionados to a scrumptious taste of Queen Bey’s forthcoming, Formation World Tour, which launched this past April after the debut of her highly anticipated album, Lemonade, following the controversial music short, “Formation.”

How I ended up at Beyonce’s Formation tour in Philadelphia weathering through a chilly, rainy evening on Thursday, September 29th, is truly a work of inspiration. I now refer to it as the quirk connection.

David Bazemore (Lamar) and Mary Arlynda (Phaedra), actors featured in The Quirk Chronicles are hardcore Beyonce fans. Mary was the first to get in formation this past summer when Yonce came to Philadelphia on June 25th.

Though I came of age to Destiny’s Child’s music in the late 90’s, and rocked with Bey’s first two solo albums, keeping it 100, I can never claim Beyhive status.

Over the years, I have seen many Destiny’s Child and Beyonce performances, interviews and documentaries through various mediums. Yet I had never attended a live Destiny’s Child or Beyonce concert, ever.

That all changed when I learned that Beyonce was returning to Philadelphia. Yonce, returning to Philly? Really? Immediately, I thought of David and texted him with the quickness.

When I told him I could get tickets, he was over the moon and beyond. In that moment, it was official, we were going. When Beyonce is gracious enough to return to your city while on a grueling, hectic world tour, you go.

Prior to Thursday, Bey paid a visit to Philadelphia earlier in September at Made In America which now takes place in Philly annually. Many saw her photograph with former President Bill Clinton trending on Twitter, savoring a moment from the music festival on her 35th birthday.

The show was scheduled for 7:30pm at the Lincoln Financial Field and was opened by DJ Khaled, who hit the stage at 7:43pm. He really hyped up the crowd for a little over half an hour, spinning the greatest hit songs in pop music from Tupac to Biggie, to House of Pain to Biz Markie, dropping contemporary hits we have come to love nearly as much.

As the rain persisted, I hoped that it would cease before the show. Sometimes this happens, but as DJ Khaled related, the rain was a blessing and later within the show, it would serve a greater purpose.

Three minutes after nine, the lights went down and the crowd went berserk. Ten after nine, the large, rectangular screen on stage began to shift and rotate, and the opening riffs of Formation blared through the speakers.

Before long, three women could be seen crip walking to the music as they strutted forward. Alas, the center figure was Beyonce. Donning an all-black ensemble and a velvet wide-brimmed hat, Bey blew us away with such a grand entrance, and yes, I screamed in delight.

As an avid music lover, I have attended many music concerts, but I have never experienced a concert like Beyonce’s Formation tour. The pyrotechnics for this tour are incredible, equipped with foggers, blazing flames and confetti blasters.

At best, Formation is a visual concert that merges a riveting, energetic live performance infused with a montage of cinematic images of a larger than life mega-star, ever-present and dominant in character.

All juxtaposed to a young woman, who had a dream and mission to entertain the world, showcasing her down-to-earth humanity through intimate footage, chronicling her evolution from childhood to womanhood: becoming a wife and mother.

Beyonce performs many of her most notable hit songs from each of her solo albums, featuring a few Destiny’s Child medleys.

Yonce exudes effortless confidence, stamina and strength.

Bey and her incomparable all-female band and dancers are fierce and give 1000% throughout. They soldiered

through the rain, never missing a beat or skipping a note.

Bey shared candid mother wit while introducing select songs that touched on scenarios all women face in life, when it comes to discovering who we are and what we aspire to in life.

At 10:45pm, the center stage screen zapped to purple, and Bey took a moment to honor Prince and his legacy, playing the legend’s classic Purple Rain in its entirety.

Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade...

In a nutshell, Beyonce gets better with time and she is not slowing down anytime soon. Catch this show when it comes to your city.

Formation is a must-see concert that many will remember forever. Oh, and it’s a no brainer that Lemonade is so dope, even Becky with the good hair bows down.

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