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Peace Be Onto You

A few years ago on my podcast, Talk Fuzion: Don’t Call It Radio, I produced a show covering The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Luiz. Given the theme of the title and its success, many are familiar with what The Four Agreements convey regarding the purpose of our experience here.

As I continue to grow through my journey, I often review what I have learned from The Four Agreements, especially when I become self-absorbed within my human emotions, particularly when it comes to contending with how I permit someone else’s actions or behavior to affect the way I feel about myself or my abilities. I am reminded that I must continue to grow within this area.

I must remind myself to recall that whenever someone or some force outside of myself collides or attempts to collide with my sense of well-being, to remember that the behavior or action was never about me. Often times as humans, we allow ourselves to become so consumed with disappointment, anger and rage that we feel the need to blame some force or entity outside of ourselves for all that is presently wrong or imbalanced within us.

He did it, she did it. They did it. Why did they do this to me? Praying and hoping ill or harm on others because of perceived injustice, all the while, turning a blind eye to the injustice we inflict on others for our own self interests. None of us can justly cast a stone at another because all of us fall short of perfection.

A human journey is built on struggle from the moment of conception. One cannot grow or become stronger without discomfort, loss or pain. But why? It is not fair. Life is not always fair or just, and regardless of how great or small we are or become, no one wins all of the time. Sometimes, we must learn to experience what it is like to lose for our own growth.

On the flip side, if we are blessed to experience another day, or perhaps find ourselves on the other side of the veil, there is still an opportunity to grow towards divine purpose. While it can be said, when things are bad, matters can always become worse. Consider that things can always become better and brighter depending on how one chooses to view their surroundings and circumstances.

To give up a taste of the bitter takes courage and strength. Being open to the possibility that things can become better simply requires trust. Not trust in other frail and imperfect human beings, but trust that the universe and one’s guide or guides have your back even when you may feel lost, or that the world is against you, and that you stand alone on your own island. I take comfort in my faith that I am never alone or separated from the grace of source. We are all loved beyond measure, but sometimes we lose this truth and we somehow forget.



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