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Prince's Paisley Park: A Museum Opening Soon!!!

It's hard to believe that it's been five months since Prince Rogers Nelson made transition.

That's right, transition. I strongly believe that energy cannot be created nor

destroyed, merely transformed. So in essence, we never really lose those we love because they are with us more than we realize..

Nonetheless, like so many friends of the Purple One, I also felt devastated and found it difficult to accept the shift, but making the adjustment became easier as I continued to create. Prince touched our hearts and souls with his tremendous gifts and talents. Though, I never met Prince in the flesh, I had been fortunate to experience his genius during an unforgettable concert in February of 1998. I was a senior in high school and seventeen at the time, and I was over the moon that I would be seeing Prince perform in Atlanta, at the Fox Theater for his 'Jam of the Year' show, in promotion of his triple CD, Emancipation.

Though the day of the concert fell on a Thursday evening, and I vividly recall what I wore to school that morning. Donning a purple velvet-esqe jacket with a lavender shirt and denim jeans, I was beaming with pride. I recall my yearbook staff instructor, expressing his envy that I was seeing Prince that evening, and he of course reminisced on his former years as a young man, seeing Prince in concert during the 80's, detailing how Prince made an audacious entrance on stage with a heart-shaped bed full of women.

Over the years, I continued to follow Prince's music though I never saw another live performance. A few years before his transition, I was tempted to see him perform at the Essence Music Festival in 2014, where he was scheduled to perform as a major headlining artist. When Art Official Age dropped in September of that year, I did not hesitate to purchase the album, and I fell in rapture the moment it slid into my CD player. I even bumped my favorite tracks on my podcast, Talk Fuzion; Don't Call It Radio. Truly, I was digging Prince's retro 70's afro-futuristic style.

His Royal Badness rocking his natural was the ultimate ode to Rock N' Roll, and truly a symbol of him going back to his roots.

In spite of Prince departing without a will or trust in place to specify how his massive estate and wealth should be governed, the structure and system of his multifaceted enterprise was and still is highly functional and efficient. I believe the Purple One is having an impact on these matters from the other side of the veil. The divine is always working matters out judiciously, even when things appear chaotic and uncertain on this plane. Earlier this month, a job fair recently took place at the iconic Paisley Park, and beginning October 6th of 2016, friends of Prince across the globe can look forward to keeping his magnificent legacy alive by touring Paisley Park.

It is official, Paisley Park is now a museum like Elvis Presley's Graceland. Tickets for general admission start at $38.50 and VIP tickets are $100. For more information and details visit

Be there.

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